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“Who Am I?”

You probably expected from me to introduce myself much earlier in the letter right? Well, thats what most “Forex Gurus” do…

But…for me it was more important to first show you proof of my bold claims BEFORE I introduce myself…

At the end of the day, who you are and what you are is based on
what you can prove…talk is cheap these days!

So…lets make it formal…

My name is Steve Carletti and I am a professional I.T. programmer and the head developer of the most accurate and profitable Forex robot in todays market – FAP Turbo.

I suppose like many people out there, my dream as a young kid was always to make it big.

Well, I suppose most of us had that dream when we were kids right?

The questions is how many of us really fulfilled that dream! In other words, how many people had the courage and dedication to go after what they wanted…

I am sorry for being so bold, but most people are pathetic. Why?

Because They Live In An “IF” World…

”Only If I would have done that”… ”Only If I took that opportunity”… ”Only If I had the courage”… ”Only if I took the time”… If If, If , If , If ,If…

Well, I was never an “IF” person and that is why I made it big…

That is why I am rich today and most people reading this letter are not. Again, my apologize for being so straight forward but that is the reality of things and as you have already seen my world is a reality based world.

I can still remember in high school….while everyone else was busy playing and enjoying youth I was trying to figure out a way to make money.

I tried every opportunity out there….I actually joined at least 7 MLM programs! Of course they didn’t work…but you know what?

I Actually Attribute My Success In Life To Them And Any other Opportunity I Tried…

Strange right?

Well, not really! Trying things that didn’t work actually pushed me more and more to figure out what does work…it gave me more enthusiasm and thrust to figure out a way to make BIG money.

But I learned another lesson as well….a very important one, and I want you to listen very closely here:

BIG Money Is Made NOT By Working Hard But By “Working” SMART!

I know…yes…this contradicts everything most people have been trained to think: “work hard and you will reach your goals in life”.

Well…let me ask you this – how many people do you know that work all month long 12-14 hour days and barely bring home a $3,000 paycheck?

I bet a lot!

Now, how many people do you know that bring:

$2815 In 21 Days…

$1697 In 18 Days…

$21,448 In 92 Days…

without working at all…100% on autopilot…with absolutely NO human intervention?

I bet none!

Well, thats not accurate….you know me now 🙂

So, bottom line…there is nothing wrong with working hard. My father actually worked more than 15 hours a day for over 30 years and I respect that. He did everything he could do to support the family.

But the HUGE difference between my father and YOU and ME is that he didn’t have another option…

if he had a way to bring those paychecks home without working so hard I can GUARANTEE he would have left his day job and enjoyed life as it should be enjoyed!


Yes…that was the response of EVERYONE around me after they saw the life I was leading…the life FAP Turbo gave me!

Who would have thought 10 years ago that one day this will be my life and of many others trading the FAP Turbo robot!

Today, I live the dream most people have…rake in tens of thousands of dollars while resting, playing, vacationing, watching T.V.

It’s amazing how times change… and its amazing how one great discovery can change a whole life!

But people always wanted to know more….they wanted to know why it is possible to make so much money without doing anything trading Forex…

Well, can’t blame them! Forex is not something you hear often….it actually sounds a bit scary when you hear the term for the first time!

The advantages of trading Forex are obvious:

  • Low Startup – You can start with as LOW as $50!
  • Huge Market – $3 TRILLION traded around the world every day (Actually, the Forex market is bigger than ALL the world stock, bonds, and futures markets combined!)
  • 24/5 – Non stop action, 24 hours a day 5 days per week (Monday through Friday)
  • Volatile – The most volatile market in the world…what does that mean? HUGE opportunity every moment of the day
  • Low Cost – While with stock trading, futures and options you pay spread plus commission, with Forex your only “cost of trade” is spread (that can add up to ALOT!)
  • No Cornering – Unlike any other markets, it is IMPOSSIBLE to corner the Forex market….and, no matter how many people trade with the same robot its efficiency and profitability will remain intact (HUGE plus)!
  • Up & Down – Profit from rising and falling prices…you don’t care which way the market goes. Ohhh…and, unlike with the US stock market, you don’t have to wait for an up-tick for shorting!
  • No Size Limit – Trade as BIG or as SMALL as you want! This is something that ONLY the Forex market allows you.

You have to be blind not to see the incredible potential…and truth be told, my real success as a Forex trader and robot designer only came after I completely understood the significance of these elements…


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