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Hola Amigo,

I’ll get right to the point. This is not your normal learn to paint site. If you’re looking to spend years of your life to learn techniques everybody already knows then move on.This site can teach you something VERY different, VERY powerful.

My name is Alisa Amor and I am about to show you some of the most powerful and ingenious painting techniques known only to an elite group of Mexican street artists until now. So make sure you pay close attention because they paint FAST!

You can now become a member of Spray Paint Art Secrets and learn to become a master of Spray Paint Art

If your ready to become a master of spray paint art and begin painting with spray paint, successfully selling your artwork and exhibiting in art galleries, or just really enjoying your new hobby and learning to paint in a way that’s really fun for you, this is the most important letter you have ever read. Here’s why….

 You’re going to learn all about the breakthrough street art program that will

transform you into a skilled and fast spray paint artist who can

fascinate an audience in the street and make the kind of paintings that really shine, draw attention, and sell like hotcakes.

The kind of spray paint artist who can create a whole galaxy in just minutes as a hobby or for a living.

I want you to experience what it’s like to do a painting with spray

paint in just 5 minutes using only plates, spray paint and newspaper.

To feel the flow as you improvise to your favorite music and know very

naturally just what you need to do to create that painting the way you

imagine it.

To hear the crowd applauding you and telling you how amazing you are as you

show your work.

To feel the satisfaction of knowing you can paint anything you want with skill

and style. To feel the thrill of selling your artwork on streets, in galleries and as a professional artist.

Those good feelings of showing your work to others and hearing those ooohs and aaahs.

Are you wasting your valuable time trying to figure out the basics by yourself ?

Are you tired of having to put in so much time to learn to just be able

to paint what you want?

Are you frustrated by street art “instruction” videos that don’t tell you the real


Are you confused about which materials you need to create the

effects you really want?

Are you sick of fighting with your spray paints and newspaper, feeling like

you are getting nowhere?

Are you tired of knowing you could do so much better if you only

had some help!


My name is Alisa Amor. I was hitchhiking through Mexico on a break

from college at the age of 20 when I met Gerardo Amor, one of the

inner circle of inventors of spray paint art

circle01 Gerardo and I fell in love at first sight, without the benefit of understanding

each others language. Gerardo amazed me when he showed me what he

could do with his spray cans….among other things.

As we became close, he introduced me to a way of life I never knew existed.

The underground culture of the street artists of Mexico with their closely

guarded secrets of spray paint art.

These were people who had left the traditional models of the daily grind to

live a life filled with art, joy, pleasure and fun.

Their days were filled with adventure and at night, they would paint on the

boardwalks of the tourist towns and sell their artwork very successfully.

They were making more money than most of the people with regular jobs in

their area and they were having an amazing time!

Living every day to the fullest!

circle03 I watched them improvise impossible scenes as they painted at home or for

the tourist audiences at night.

I decided to leave school to begin a very different type of education.

I met, partied with, and learned from many of the original spray paint artists.

I began to invent my own tricks and styles and to sell my artwork to the tourists.

We also began to do larger works such as murals and paintings on canvas for galleries.

Here is a partial list of what you will learn when you join Spray Paint Art Secrets today:

  • Step by step illustrated guide to using your hands and fingers to secretly draw inside the newspaper to create the appearance of rocks, land and mountains.
  • Gerardo’s secret techniques of how to use newspaper. Including what kind of newspaper to use for each specific effect, how you want to hold it, how to make sure it doesn’t get loose and ruin your painting.
  • How to use the spatula to effortlessly draw anything you want quickly and easily. Including 2 methods of holding the spatula and the practice exercises you need to become skilled at drawing complicated things quickly.
  • What kind of paper can you buy in the US that will automatically increase the perceived quality of your work when you show it to a gallery.
  • How to prepare walls, cars, guitars and other surfaces for spray painting and how to make sure the paint does not fade or chip.
  • How to master your spray can control. The precise angle of the can you need to maintain for a shiny painting and the precise angle for an opaque looking painting. How the control you have over your can affects the quality of your finished painting.
  • How you can use everyday objects such as plates and newspaper to create incredible cosmic art in minutes.
  • How to custom design the colors that you will use in your painting so that it looks very 3-D by using metallic colors and complimentary colors in a very special way.
  • A step by step guide by Gerardo to creating the perfect planet covering over 7 important details that can affect your results.
  • A step by step guide by Gerardo to making at least 4 different types of mountains and land with newspaper and using different hand motions and positions.
  • A super simple technique to instantly create 3-D effects in mountains that came out flat, to add detail and to fix mistakes.
  • How to know in advance in what order to spray your colors on and exactly where to spray them so that when you are actually painting it’s as easy as 1-2-3
  • Discover the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to make a beautiful sky, cosmic or landscape.
  • The under-painting/finger-painting techniques that Gerardo and Alisa use to create beautiful skies and ocean waves with spray paint.
  • Techniques and tools that allow you to begin to improvise spectacular cosmic scenery with your spray cans.
  • A step by step guide by Gerardo teaching you everything you need to know to create a complete painting from start to finish.
  • Alisa’s secret technique to make a detailed ocean wave with spray paint including a never before revealed secret of how to use Krylon triple thick crystal clear and another secret color to create the subtle shading effects that will make or break your painting. (3 month subscribers only)

Plus you’ll also learn…

  • Learn how to clean and adjust your spray nozzles so that they continue to work, and where to get more when they don’t.
  • Where to get a spray paint mask that really works and how to know if it does. How to paint safely whether you are painting indoors or outdoors.
  • What kind of plates work best, 3 different ways of eliminating the mark they can sometimes leave on your painting.
  • Which brushes and spatulas to use and how to use, clean , and repair them.
  • What kind of paper works best and where to buy it.
  • How to prepare a canvas for spray painting.
  • The one thing you need to remember to make sure your stars look like stars and not blotches of white on your painting.
  • The complete list of spray cans and colors that you need to create all these effects. Without the right materials, it doesn’t work and you will get frustrated!
  • Tips and tricks for making comets, different kinds of stars, rings around planets, galaxies, clouds, and much much more.
  • The tricky technique of painting detailed roses with spray paint in minutes.
  • A step by step guide by Alisa to creating a complete beginner painting with a pyramid and a planet. Every step explained in detail including exactly which spray cans to use for each effect.


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